Saturday, November 16, 2013


Self portrait.

Turning three just opens the door to new vocabulary. Words turn into sentences, turn into questions, turn into hilariousness! Here are some things that have really gotten us to chuckle lately:

Elyse is watching Curious George on the iPad. Bill says, "Sweetie, would you turn that down please?" She says, "No, I'm too big."

Driving down the highway in Maui, I ask her, "Are we in Hawaii?" She says, "No, I'm Snow White."

Elyse and I are going on a walk through the neighborhood - she is happily riding her bike. I see my friend and neighbor, Angela, and we stop and chat. After probably 15 minutes, Elyse says, "Mama? Mama?" I say, "Yes, sweetie". She very calmly says, "That's enough". 

Her own spin on the announcement for candy on Halloween night - "Trick or Treating" or "Happy Halloween Costume!"

Waking up to see that it snowed, "Mommy! There is snow on the cars' backs!"

She tells everyone she sees that she has flashlights on her house and her playhouse. (Christmas lights).

Gram-E sprinkled powdered sugar on her pancakes and she exclaimed, "It snowed on my pancake and raspberries!"

We are still having potty training issues in one particular department. We know what's up when she wants to hide in her castle and says, "Leave alone me!"

Not particularly silly, but my favorite is our recent routine when I come home from work. I get tight squeezes around the neck and peppered with kisses and she keeps repeating, "I'm so glad you're home!"

Love her.

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