Sunday, November 3, 2013

Night at the Circus

One Wednesday, I was listening to the radio and a local TV crew was talking about the circus coming to town the next weekend. Thursday night, I bought tickets and Saturday night, Aunt Soup, Elyse and I were at the CIRCUS. It was very exciting. We tried to tell Elyse what to expect, but she didn't really understand. But, we knew she would LOVE it.

And she did.

Waiting in line, we took pictures in the mirrored roof above our heads. We are in the middle - I'm holding the pink purse.

Missy waiting while Aunt Soup is in the restroom.

I took this picture to show how fantastic our seats were.

She was enthralled.

This was probably our favorite part of the whole show. Camels, horses and mini horses - they were just darling!

We got to go down and meet performers - this was the Strong Man. And wow, was he!

The elephants. This was a pretty short, minor part of the show. But, it was impressive!

The circus was impressive - so well done. The performers were just amazing. There was such variety. I'd say there were animal performances only about 20% of the entire thing - there was so much else to see. We had such a great time!

I have to say I've never participated in an event that was so publicly contentious. People shouted on bullhorns incredibly cruel and harsh things to us while we waited in line. While I completely support their right to protest, I do not agree that a good choice for all the children present - many seemed scared and confused. I wish there was a way to more calmly and respectfully help educate their point of view. OK, I'm done now.

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