Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maui 2013: Pt. 3 - Road to Hana

The last time we went to Maui, a popular question was, "Did you do the Road to Hana?" It is known as a popular day trip where you adventure up winding roads for about three hours to get to a secluded town. Along the way, there is rich beauty and many places to stop at lookouts and go out trails to beautiful waterfalls. Elyse was just one and not fond of being in the car, so it really wasn't an option last time. This time, we weren't sure. I get carsick pretty easily and I really didn't know how Elyse would take a day in the car. Ben and Linda said to go ahead and try it and we could always turn around if it was too much. That is what we did. Bill found a cool article that we could view on-line that would tell us all the great sights and places to stop.

From the very beginning, it started raining. Hard. And the curves started and it was impossible for me to look at my phone. Somehow, miraculously, I never felt sick and Elyse was great so we made it to Hana!

Here we go. Isn't it funny how many people rent Mustangs in Hawaii?

The turns were so sharp, it was ridiculous. And they were CONSTANT.

We made it - HANA.

The absolute coolest part of our entire trip, was choosing to take a turnoff toward a sign that said, "Lava Tube". Elyse was free and we were $12.50 each. She gave us each a flashlight (which was super exciting for Elyse) and said we were fifty feet from the entrance to a two-mile cave. Wow!

You take these steps toward the entrance to the pitch black cave. Elyse was not so sure, so Daddy had to walk back up to go with her.

Looking outside from the cave.

I didn't take many pictures inside because it was so dark - I didn't even know what I was taking pictures of! It was about 65 degrees inside. It was dripping, wet, but not smelly - no bats or insects. It was very cool! It was slippery and we were all wearing flip flops. Elyse did so amazingly well. She had every reason to be scared to do this, but she did great! The flashlight helped.

We didn't go the two miles. It dipped down in one section and the ceiling was quite low. She was doing so well, we didn't want to push it!

Back in the car! It was clear skies the whole way back.

Our rental. This thing really made us miss our VW. Not a great car to drive.

If I haven't described the windy, switchback roads enough for you. Here is just 30 seconds of what we did for three hours - each way.

It has been deemed the Road to Divorce. We actually enjoyed it! We will definitely go back to take Elyse back to that cave when she is older.

We'd recommend it. But, don't plan to read or look at your phone. Eyes on the road, so you don't get sick!

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