Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beautiful & Warm May Morning

Today was a big newsworthy weather day for our area. No different than when we get an inch of snow in December it is the Winter Storm of 2007 - today brought news of a Hot Weather Warning! It reached 90 degrees here today! It is pretty unusual for this area in May and definitely a shocker when we've had hardly any nice weather and then - bang! Heat!

Keri had softball practice this morning, so Carson came over for a visit. Grandma Jo came by to see her great grandson and we sat out on the back porch. There was a perfect patch of shade for Carson to play on and we talked, played and flipped through cookbooks (Carson too, of course). My perfect kind of Saturday morning! Much better than Bill's. He layered up in clothing and went for a long bike ride over the hottest part of the morning! Yikes! While he was sweating away, we carried on in the backyard. Carson is teething and he loved sucking on our little frozen elephant designed to soothe boo-boos, named "Ella" of course. He loved bouncing on Great Grandma Jo's lap with "Ella" in his mouth.

Keri came back and I went into town with her to Costco and Wal-mart. Carson is such a helper! He seems to have visions of being a box-boy. Cool packaging appeared as yummy treats, which seem to require being stuck into his mouth before purchase. Where's Ella when you need her?

I came home and took a nap in our air conditioning. A lovely day.

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Carin Seppa said...

I am so glad that you we able to spend the morning together! He looks so big now. It flies by, so enjoy it!


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