Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baking Night

Last night, was major baking night. Patti, in my office, is turning 50 and we celebrated today. She loves collecting rocks and is in a "rock" band, so we had a little fun with that theme. I made her a "rock" cake with gold nugget gum surrounding it with some pop "rock"s on the side. Beth said it looked like it came from an erotic bakery. Bill thought the same thing. Ah well, good thing its the thought that counts! :-)
I also made three batches of my big, soft and chewy cookies for Dad and Corey to take on their weekend getaway. I also sent some off with Bill to work. At least no one can say they look naughty (and if you can - you are sick).

1 comment:

Sara said...

ok, so maybe I am being daft, but I just don't get why your rocks look erotic. Are they implying that those look like boobs? Seriously, if any woman had grey, gangly, lopsided boobs like that I would say she better run, run, run to a hospital and be checked for gangrene or something!


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