Friday, May 16, 2008

I have found the dress!

After all the emotion last Saturday of dress shopping day, Wednesday afternoon I returned home to find a box on the porch from Nordstrom. I'd been admiring a dress from their bridal collection on-line. We went by Nordstrom on Saturday to see if I could try it on. The saleswoman said, "We had a couple, but they sold out quickly. It is really one of the most beautiful dresses we've ever carried." She checked on-line and there were only two still available and one was my size! I ordered the dress, there was no shipping and I'd simply return it if it didn't fit. Don't you just love Nordstrom?

That Wednesday evening, Bill wasn't home so I carried the box back to my bedroom and eagerly opened it up. Tucked inside that cardboard was a dress so much more beautiful than the photos had depicted. It was well made and had beautiful details. I tried it on - and it fit!! I ran down the hall (dress still on) to grab my phone. I needed to show this to someone!! I called Evelyn and she was in Tacoma. I got Lynn and she was excited too - she said she'd be over later to "check it out." When she arrived, I first showed her the pictures of the dresses I'd tried on last Saturday. I tried on this dress and she said, "Oh, Courtney! That is it! You are so done!" I got on-line to show her the pictures from the site and it was no longer on-line. They were all sold out!

I believe that it was Mom who helped make it all come together. That prior weekend was so hard on me and the experience made me miss her so much. Not to mention May 12 passing by - just one month before the anniversary of her death. Mom knows how much this means to have the "right" dress. Over the years, we'd done a lot of searching for dresses for both of us for dances, weddings, cruises - you name it! It seems so trivial to put such importance on an item like this, but I know this was important to her. I can just feel it.

PS: You didn't think I'd actually post an entire picture of the dress on-line - did you? Nooo! It is a secret from Bill. We have to have some sense of tradition in our wedding that is breaking all the other rules! So, here is just a small peek!

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