Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nurseries and Cookbooks - Oh My!

This weekend, a local wholesale nursery opened it's doors to the public. Evelyn called us about it yesterday, so we headed over first thing this morning. We filled up an entire cart with lilac bushes, pee-gee hydrangeas, peony trees and a number of others. Bushes that would normally be at least $40 were $8 and trees normally $75 and up were $25! It was great. They will be open again next weekend and we're going to head back to get a few more things!

Bill is out-of-town overnight for work and I went grocery shopping to make some new recipes for book group tomorrow night. I picked up this new cookbook Hungry Girl last week at Costco and am really enjoying it. Have you ever been to her website? Its great! She takes all sorts of "regular" snacks and meals and makes them as healthier lo-cal versions. I made the chocolate peanut butter fudge first - just brownie mix, pureed pumpkin and a bit of lowfat peanut butter swirled on top. It doesn't really taste like fudge to me, but it does hit the spot when you are craving chocolate! Bill really liked it so I'll definitely make it again. Tonight, I am making the spinach dip, crab stuffed mushrooms and blueberry scones. I am also making zucchini boats with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes (a recent find by Melinda and me from another cookbook). Hopefully, the gals don't mind me experimenting! Everything is done - I just have to pop it all in the oven before everyone arrives. I love that!

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Sara said...

Yum! Wish I could be there to taste your feast. Seriously zucchini boats with goat cheese sounds unbelievably delectable!


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