Friday, May 2, 2008

A Wild and Crazy Night

We had Tanner and Maggie for an over-nighter. We had a good time. Lots of coloring. Stickers. Hot dogs, salad and strawberries for dinner. Bill made a fire in the pit outside for s'mores. Morgan from next door came over as did Sue and Scott. They played in a bubbly bath with lots of pecan pie scented bath wash. We cranked up the stereo and danced to 27 Jennifers. Tanner danced around with a painted moustache and beard created by a little washable eyeliner. He was really into it. Boy, has he got some dance moves!

Tanner asked if he could "please" sleep with his moustache and I obliged. We read The Little Engine that Could and they went to sleep. Before we said goodnight, Tanner whispered, "Can my moustache come off in the morning, please Courtney. But make sure to show my Mom my picture." That - I can do.

Saturday we got up early and went down to the Capitol for walk/run challenge. We met up with my agency and took pictures just in time for it to start raining. It really started coming down, so Bill left with Maggie and Tanner stayed with me for the walk. We went to Wagners for a treat beforehand and then got in line for the two-mile walk. He did a great job. We were pretty much soaked at the end. We stopped at Lattin's and Johnson's on the way home. Came home and changed into dry clothes. More coloring and stickers and then back to Daddy. It was a great morning!

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Thomas Dutra said...

Thank you for a fun night Courtney and Bill, my daddy said we can come over anytime we want!
Love Tanner and Maggie


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