Saturday, August 1, 2009

ALS Doubleday Weekend - Part Two

Back to the bike event...

I had mentioned we recruited another rider... There she is on the left in green in the picture above. I had no idea when I snapped this pic of folks preparing for the ride we'd end up meeting Jessica and she'd agree to ride in memory of Mom next year! Thanks, Jessica!

So many bikes... and all types! From Huffys with kickstands to carbon fiber and Italian names I can't properly pronounce.

Then, there was this guy. These tandems are heavy bikes already. We were all impressed this guy had a tandem with a trail-a-bike. He was going to ride with his two sons. Wow! He has some hard work ahead of him! (Note: He finished the first day, just without the second son and trail-a-bike. What an accomplishment!)

Here's Bill's official number.

Getting ready...

Clipped in.

Almost ready.

About three and a half hours later.... At least he was laughing about the lack of "rolling hills" and how it was much harder than he expected. Actually, I believe the exact quote was "That was %:$*!# 'in hard!!"

We happily paid $10 for a massage with the money going toward ALS. The gal was very sweet and didn't mind massaging through the sweat saying, "I don't have to use oil!" Wow, nice girl.

Fred and Francie with Bill's bike.

That afternoon, we took naps and met for a later dinner. Bill was starving and dined on prime rib. He was a happy camper.

Before dinner, it was thundering and lightning as we waited on the front porch of the inn for Fred and Francie. We were a little worried it might rain the next day.

No rain. Just hotter! Bill had less energy and was a little worried. I just told him to call me to come get him if he couldn't finish.

He sent me a text in the middle of the ride, "Broken rear derailer, but am continuing." After I asked what a rear derailer was... It is the shifter! What?! Yes, I was a little worried! It was so hot and we were hearing there were more hills than the day before! How was he going to make it up those hills without being able to downshift?

Well, as you can see - he finished! And with great time too!

He was so happy to be done and so HOT! He was relieved to hear they had showers at the high school. Next year, we will remember to bring a towel!

Great job, Bill! I am so proud of you! Mom smiled down on you that weekend from heaven for sure!

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VanZandtGrrl said...

Yep, we were there both days too. Kudos to you and your support team! We love this ride. Thanks for sharing your pix. Lu Correa


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