Sunday, August 2, 2009

Libby, Libben, Libler of the Libbenshire... and Libya

Libby is almost ten months old now. Remember when she was itty bitty?

Isn't it weird to see snow in this heat?

Some days, she still looks just like a pup.

Other days - she looks all grown up. You can really see the bull mastiff in her face. Look at that under bite.

But, the border collie has really dominated... She's still only 44 pounds. So much smaller than anyone predicted.

She's like - OK enough paparazzi! No more photos! No more photos!

By the way, now that I've figured out how to adjust the layout on the blog and increase the size of the photos - I can't stop posting them. I am so excited to finally figure this out!

1 comment:

Storms24 said...

Happy Birthday, Courtney! From Bob & Catherine and all the Midwest Dutra girls.


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