Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goodbye Green Truck

Bill had a sad day a couple of weeks ago. He turned over the keys to his truck. We had decided the month before to buy a larger, newer truck from Brad (my biological father) the end of August. We talked to Sue and Scott who said they'd be interested in the Dodge for my cousin, Anthony, who'd come to live with them this summer. I had asked Bill if he was sad about selling the truck and he said, "No, why?" When the day got closer, he admitted it. He was starting to feel pretty bummed about letting her go. He had bought the Dodge brand new and had been through a lot in the truck. You know how it is. I'm always that way when I get rid of a vehicle.

But, can't be sad for long when you see this face so happy to get it. Anthony was so excited about it! At least she's staying in the family!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

IT WAS NOT A "HER". HE was a great truck for me! Thanks, now I feel better.


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