Monday, December 13, 2010

Favorite Things 2010

I do love me some Oprah, so I thought it would be fun to do my own "favorite things" although I wish I were wealthy enough to buy everything on the list for my friends. However, my list likely wouldn't be coveted by most. These are not necessarily my favorite things EVER, but things I am enjoying right now, think are super clever or find myself continually reaching for. From hair bands to specialty paper, it is a random list - just like ME!

1. MAC Fluidline eye liner. This stuff is the BEST. You put it on with a little brush and it stays on - NO SMEARS! I like Dipdown (dark brown).

2. BLONDE hair clips, bands and pins. I've never been able to perfect that little-piece-of-hair-around-the-hairband trick. This is my second fav - blonde hair accessories. These match my hair almost perfectly. I find myself always grabbing for these. And, here's to no more black bobby pins for me - hooray!

3. Stay With Me Socks. Actually, I have a love/hate with these socks. My neighbor graciously gave me a bunch of clothes her two daughters had outgrown. She had this Ziploc bag full of socks and pointed out this pair that had little velcro ties on the back. She said they were the best socks, as they didn't fall off baby's feet, but didn't know where to buy more. I found myself falling in love with them too. I was always searching for them in the sock drawer. Well, I found them. They definitely suckered me in. They are $6.00 a piece though! Not listed on Ebates and I couldn't find any type of coupon code. Grrr.. I bought three pairs in the largest size. Crazy price, but they do stay on!

4. Cloches. So, I don't even know how to pronounce this word, but I love them. Call them what you want (i.e., belljar), I think they are so beautiful and timeless. I don't actually have one (I don't actually see them very often). I figure it could be the only way to ever have a plant in my house Wilson wouldn't eat. I could serve cheese under them at a party or even put a candle in it. Love.

5. Acorn slippers. I love these slippers. They are well loved and yes, dear Libby did chew the back of one when she was a puppy. Being home on leave and in my slippers most every day - these are very comfortable!

6. Weatherproof paper. I think this is the coolest stuff. I bought a package in September to make Mom's ALS Walk race bibs. Allen did the design (so awesome!) and I printed it on this paper. It is so amazing. Even after printing on an inkjet, it doesn't rub off even after pouring water directly on it. Amazing stuff. Expensive ($20+ for just 50 sheets), but I clearly labeled the package so we make sure not to use it accidentally.

7. Ikea frames. I am loving Ikea frames. They are super cheap and have been a wonderful way to to beautifully frame newborn photos of our sweet daughter. I love photo collages and for that cohesive look it really helps to have them in the same frame color, often the same frame. My friend Allen hung our pictures at home and in my new office. LOVE HIM.

8. Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea. Bill and I drink a lot, I mean a LOT of decaf iced tea at home. We brew all different kinds of flavored teas and then drink 'em iced. I love, love this tea. Bill doesn't like it so well and when Alyson was here I offered her some and she said it sounded disgusting. Maybe it is an acquired taste?

9. Nikon remote control. Seriously, the best $14 I have ever spent. I love this thing. This plus my new tripod makes me so happy. Of course, I still love my camera (Nikon D90) and getting new accessories makes me SUPER excited!

10. DeMarle Magnetic Measuring Trio. So, I'm not really an in-home party kind of girl for the most part. However, I was at a friend's house who was hosting a DeMarle party. I'd never heard of it, but evidently they are the original creators of the Silpat. She showed me these measuring cups and spoons. They are brilliant. The spoons have two sides (one for dry and one for wet) so you don't have to dirty two spoons mid-recipe. Plus, they are magnetized so they all stay together! And, they are a cute color. Love!

That's all I've got for my super random list. Until next time!


Jen said...

Those socks are a fab idea!! Baby G is 10 months old and doesn't have the chubby baby feet that all socks appear to be made for (sigh), so I'm constantly chasing after him with stray socks that he's lost :( I have him wearing slippers in the house to cut down on this, but now that he's crawling, sometimes he loses both socks AND slippers! Hope they sell those Stay With Me socks in Canada!!!

Courtney said...

Jen, follow the link from the post. I couldn't find them anywhere here, so I found them on-line. Just choke it up as you pay the money, but they are worth it! Thanks for reading! :-)

Ann Mitchell said...

Great stuff! I love reading your blog. I wanted to follow in your footsteps so I started one too. I think the address is:

Jen said...

I had a look, and it doesn't appear that they ship to Canada - which is a total bummer :( I emailed them to ask, just in case. Oh well!

Jen said...

UPDATE ON THE SOCKS! (for anyone who's interested...)

They got back to me - GREAT customer service at Stay With Me Socks, by the way - and told me that they DO ship to Canada! Among many, many other countries. So I'm going to be getting my socks after all :) The great thing, too, is they're currently having a promotion - buy 3 get 1 pair free!

Thanks, Courtney, for the tip. May G's little tootsies never be blocks of ice again!!

Courtney said...

Love that it worked out and SO HAPPY for you they were having a promotion! Be sure to let me know what you think of them. I admit I'll feel awful if they don't work out as well for you!!

TDM Wendy said...

Those slippers sure look comfy!

busycooking said...

Looks like you created another blogger, Courtney (Ann)! :-) This post was a great idea! I think we need those little sock straps to use around our ankles on jeans when you tuck them in boots so they don't ride up and bunch. Maybe I'll be a millionaire in 2011 with this invention. :-)

busycooking said...

Okay, you inspired me! I had to narrow it down because I got up to 15 and 1/3 of them were wines (lol)!


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