Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happiness is...Bacon With Alyson

Alyson was here for the weekend and it was another very fun time. We have had lots of good times over the years - some of which you can read about here (October 2008)here (July 2009)here (January 2010) and here (May 2010).

More good times were had this weekend. We had a lot of all started with me singing a little song from my childhood to Elyse. Alyson heard me singing it: "Happiness is...two kinds of ice cream, finding your skate key, telling the time..." It is from, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". Do you know it? She was laughing at me, "What is a skate key? You made that song up!" Next thing you know, we are on the computer watching the most ridiculous video and who knew, they changed the words - "finding a skate key is now" is now "pizza with sausage." I'm sure I've already lost you, but I have to tell you we found this QUITE FUNNY. Everything that weekend was either "Happiness with sausage" or just about anything sung to that tune. So, just keep that little song in your head as you look through the pictures.

Alyson and I had good visits, but she needed a little snooze.

While she slept, I made her a little treat with one of her favorite ingredients: BACON!

Yes, I found this recipe and had to try it out on Al. I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised. It is like breakfast in a cookie!

The next morning, we ventured out for Elyse's first Christmas tree outing.

I had the baby, so Al held the tree while Bill about sawed her leg off. Just kidding, sort of.

That night, we went to Alisha's wedding reception and Miss Lysey stayed home with Dad.

I got some great photography tips from Marcie's friend, Mark. I was very excited to be shooting without a flash in low light and no blur!

Alyson was such a good subject!

Until she started crying.

And then of course, she wanted me to start crying.

Mad face.

My mad face.

Ryan made fun drinks.

My first alcohol in a year! Yummmmy mai tai!

Then, we got Marcie in on the photo shoot.

The three of us and my very large hair.

Alyson was quite the photographer herself.

Taryn was really enjoying herself!

Did I mention Ryan's tasty concoctions?


Brother and sister.

Love this one.

Oh yes, we were at a wedding reception. Check out the beautiful bride!

The happy couple.

Alyson left the following morning, but before she did, she and Elyse had some good conversations.

Lysey was shocked by some of what Al had to say!

Then, it was time to chill.

Yeah, I think she likes her Auntie Alyson.

But, seriously. Who doesn't?

She's pretty hard not to love.

Thanks, Alyson for another great visit. You are a dear friend. WE LOVE YOU!

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busycooking said...

Love these pics! BFFs rule! :-)


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