Monday, December 27, 2010

Please vote for ELYSE!

Shameless, Shameless... But, can you PLEASE vote for our sweet girl? The photographer who did Elyse's newborn photos chose her favs from 2010 and holding a contest. She chose one of the shots of Elyse (as shown above). It is #3 - Elyse sucking her thumb at three days old in her Daddy's softball mitt. Precious!

Don't forget - NUMBER THREE!
And yes, you can vote more than once (but only once a day!).
Voting is at the bottom after scrolling through all the pics.

Thanks so much!!


Chelsi said...

I knew that was her! I remembered the glove picture! Ha! I voted for her already when that post came up on my FB page! ;)

Courtney said...

Chelsi, that is awesome - I love that. Bill and I need to come into Fatsos one of these days for a burger and you can meet Elyse in person! :-)

busycooking said...

I did! :-)


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