Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry, Merry

Miss Elyse's First Christmas
If you are feeling patient - please sit back and watch a slideshow of our holiday celebrations. It is a little long (four minutes), but we had a lot to pack in there!

I hope your Christmas was magical!


Jen said...

Loved the slideshow :) I can't believe you guys take your tree down right after Christmas! We keep ours up until just after New Year's - and it always seems so sad to put everything away for another year....

The Osborne Family - Est. 2008 said...

Your Christmas video was beautiful! That was the fastest 4 minutes I've ever spent watching something. :) Looks like little Miss Elyse had a wonderful 1st Christmas with her loving family!!

Courtney said...

Thanks you guys! Jen, I have NEVER taken down the decorations so quickly. But, this year since I go back to work Monday I wanted to get it down so there is one less thing to do to get the house back in order and get everything ready for my return to work. Thanks again!

busycooking said...

Great video. She's getting so big. Such a resemblance to Bill! You have to tell me how you did those shirts. I wanted to do that this year, but forgot to ask you about them. Too cute! Good luck at work on Monday. :-(


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