Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here We Go! 39-1/2 Weeks (updated)

Bags packed - ready to roll...

Survived my appointment this morning. Dr. B said they want baby to come as close to my due date (Friday, September 10) as possible due to my gestational diabetes. Friday afternoon, I will have a non-stress test (NST) to make sure baby is doing well. They are scheduling an induction for this Monday. We go in Sunday night and the Pitocin starts Monday morning. Yikes!

The only issue is that you have to call one to two hours before going to the hospital to make sure you haven't been bumped. So, maybe Monday or Tuesday.... or Wednesday... or any day before if baby is ready to go!

So, that's what I know. Stay tuned!


Jen said...

I'm the (self-appointed) Induction Queen! I had 2, each at 41 weeks, because my boys were way too cozy in there :) Had extremely positive experiences both times - don't let anyone tell you any different, inductions can be equally as wonderful as going "on your own". So exciting!! I'll be visiting the blog often for updates and baby news!!!!

All the best :)

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about calling family when your time comes :) I didn't even let anyone in the family know I was in the hospital having Haley till after she was here. It just makes things a lot less stressful. Just concentrate on your beautiful baby girl and everything else will fall into place .



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