Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Am Days Away From Change

Thank you to my dear friend, Sara, for sending this to me. Sara is in Panama right now with her husband in the process of adopting not one, but THREE children to add to her family. They are going from a family of three to seven! What a blessed family! Sara is the kind of mother I only aspire to be and I treasure any advice from her.

She warned me I'd need the Kleenex nearby to watch this video and boy did I! It has motherhood advice to new mothers before their first time giving birth. When one of the first pieces of advice read, "You will miss your Mom" - I was all downhill from there!


The Norris Clan said...

Excellent video... and all true! Hope you are enjoying these last few days with Bill before Baby D shows her beautiful face. I'm sure she will "have your eyes too" :-)

Denise said...

wow couldn't seen this video at a much needed time!! Thanks for sharing!


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