Friday, September 24, 2010

Interested in Seeing More and/or Ordering Pictures of Elyse?

Elyse's newborn photo session proofing gallery is up. You can either view the pics and/or order any if you are interested.

You can order and have shipped to your house OR e-mail me and let me know and I can notify the photographer to have your order shipped here (to save you $$ on shipping).

Click here to access the photos. On that page, click on the bottom right under "proofing" and the password for the proofing gallery is Court10. Make sure you capitalize the "C". The gallery expires on OCTOBER 2 so all orders need to be placed on or before that date!!

Be sure to comment and let us know your favs... It will be hard to choose! As you look through, some things to look for:
  • That ring she is clutching? That was my late mother's wedding ring I had re-set with a ruby (her birthstone).
  • The little girl sitting behind her reading Pinkalicious? That is our niece, Maggie.
  • The photo she is sitting in front of is me and my Mom - her Grandma watching over her from heaven.
  • The boots and goggles? That is Daddy's ski gear.
  • The photo with the rings on her back? She is laying on my wedding dress with the sash tied around her and yes, those are our wedding rings.


busycooking said...

Courtney, I have to tell you again how amazing these pictures are! They are so precious and beautiful. I have so many favorites: her wearing the pink hat with her eyes open, laying on her back with the white flower on her head, the tutu picture, there are so many amazing ones! Thanks for sharing! She's so perfect. I'm so happy for you guys.

Courtney said...

Thanks, Linda. Love the feedback. I like knowing what others think. It is hard to choose!


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