Sunday, September 5, 2010

Love Linda

My friend Linda is going to laugh when she reads this post. Yes, Linda - this one is for YOU!

Almost two years ago to the day, Bill and I had gotten married in Savusavu, Fiji and flew out the following morning to a different island to spend the remainder of our trip and honeymoon. We checked into the Outrigger, had breakfast and he laid down to relax and I went off to go on a tour of the Outrigger's Bebe (Butterfly) Spa.

Did you know that there are very few Americans visiting Fiji? At the Outrigger, we'd think we'd see Americans, but as we got closer and overheard their accents, they were almost always from New Zealand or Australia.

On the tour of Bebe, I heard these voices... an American couple and about our age! Of course, I had to introduce myself and that's how I met Ben and Linda. After the tour, we went to the spa's bar and sat and had drinks and I learned they were from San Diego and had gotten married the day before us. I quickly found Linda to be a sweet, super creative, smart, pet-loving (PUGS!), fun-loving and very funny gal. Instant friends.

I later introduced Bill. It was great having made these friends. We had plenty of time on our own, but it was great to have them to meet up with from time-to-time.

We went on a day-long excursion together, went to a kava drinking ceremony, laid pool-side discussing and... BLOGGING.

Linda was fascinated that I had a blog. She is a very inquisitive person and asked all about it. This leads to the reason behind my post.

First, I should mention Linda's marketing background. Only she could turn some shells into this:

Linda was so impressed with me and blogging and I wondered if she'd ever start one of her own. She is amazingly creative! The fun thing about blogging is you can have a random blog (like me) or you can specialize. Here's a hint.

Yes, Linda started her own food blog! I have so enjoyed watching her posts. It has been so fun for me because she started this during my pregnancy when I have NOT been cooking. Day after day, I see these great dinners she whips up for her and Ben. She always arranges them perfectly and always captures the perfect pic.

If you are looking for a resource for tasty, but realistically easy to put together dinners - add Linda's site to your reader. You won't be disappointed! Yeah, Linda!

Check out Eat, Drink, Live.

Lastly, I want to say how much I love how Linda and I have stayed in touch. She sent me a shell Christmas ornament she made from our shell searching excursion. She got me started on and we still exchange books from time to time and she has sent some adorable things for Baby D! I just love making new friends and who would have thought we'd meet so far away? Thanks, friend - and happy cooking! I'm glad someone is! You've inspired me though to get back into it this fall!

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busycooking said...

Aww, thanks, Courtney! I love this! I almost started to cry! :-) I'm so glad we met to!


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