Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Love for Baby D's Nursery

I am excited to share I just got word that Baby D's nursery has been featured on another blog - Designer Mum.

Love that we are getting support from so far away! Karyn from Designer Mum is a "kids bedroom specialist" from Australia. She saw Lauren's post on WithTwoCats and contacted us for permission to feature our nursery on her blog.

Not much longer and we'll be bringing our sweet one home to her little room. Can't wait! I haven't felt too great today, so am laying low. It was a particularly rough night of tossing and turning and this morning I felt just awful. However, I have told Bill I will not go into labor over the next couple of hours. He is mowing the lawn and made me promise. I think he pictures my water breaking when he is sweaty and covered in grass and can't get in a shower. So far, so good!

Doctor's appointment tomorrow - I'll let you know what the word is.

PS: I have talked with some of you about this already, but realized I haven't shared on Jahjong what the initials EKD stand for. 

Baby D's name will either be Elyse Kaylee D---- or Eden Kaylee D----. My Mom was Katherine Lee, my middle name is also Lee and my mother-in-law's is Kay - so Kaylee is set for her middle name. We just love giving her a name that combines all the mamas.

We love Eden and Elyse and are currently leaning toward one over the other, but aren't settling on one until we see her precious face. Stay tuned!


Jen said...

Elyse was the middle name we had picked out for a little girl - but got two boys instead (and don't plan on having another), so we won't get to use it :( Beautiful name - but so's Eden :)

Anonymous said...


I can’t ever remember how to leave a post on your Blog but was just reading it and enjoyed every moment!

She’s almost here! I can’t wait to see the arrival posted! I truly hope everything goes well for you, EKD and Bill! It is truly one of the most special experiences in life.

I would love to come see you and your darling daughter when you are ready for company so let me know via your website.

Sending you blessings for her birth!



busycooking said...

Beautiful name choices! :-)


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