Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nursery Reveal

With less than three weeks until the big due date, I can officially say the nursery is now complete! I cannot even express what a fun and loving way this has been to prepare for the arrival of our little girl! I have never put together a room from start-to-finish and it has been so fun! I could not have done it without help though - and specifically the on-going assistance from my dear friend, Marcie.

Advice. Start with one piece to get you going. Mine was a quilt block made by my Grannie years ago. I loved the orange, pink and green colors and everything launched from there. Then, I saw this Amy Butler quilt and asked my friend Evelyn if she could make something similar for Baby D. We used the fabric lines throughout the room to really pull everything together. Then, I saw Nora the Owl on Etsy and this launched the owl theme I had no original intentions of beginning!

Don't listen to everyone. Some people told me they they thought the colors were a weird combination. Some thought it odd when we painted the room green for a little girl. One even said the room was "too bright." Remember, everyone is different. Go with your gut and stick to advice from those with similar tastes. Having a baby brings a load of advice and not all of it is information you need to listen to!

Money. Come up with a ballpark budget and start socking away money monthly. I would also look around and seek out the help of friends and family. Often people want to help and everyone has their different talents, whether it be helping paint, sewing skills, decorating advice or assistance with craft projects. This hands-on help can save money along the way, is incredibly helpful and also begins the love and support toward your baby. That is truly the best part.

Use coupons and discount codes. I used whenever I could for on-line purchases. I rounded up coupons from friends and did searches for discount codes. Anything to save a buck!

Space out the pricier purchases. As you'll see through the resource listing, I wouldn't say putting this room together was exactly "cheap." This is our first baby and we are older parents who have been waiting a long time to do this. I can also be "picky" and had my mind set on certain ideas. We could have easily spent even less. I chose expensive fabric I just couldn't pass up for the chair and ottoman, the pendant light was a little pricey and we probably could have just made the curtains. But, when the dresser was only $25.00 and the chair was found on the side of the road, it gave us a little room to spread out our money. There were a few items I fell in love with that I did pass up because I just kept researching. You are very likely to find something similar or even better at a lower cost. Don't give up!

Be creative. We could have easily driven up to Land of Nod and furnished the entire room for thousands of dollars. Don't get me wrong; I'm sure it would have been adorable. However, it was much more fun (and satisfying) to think through each item and try to refurbish furniture and incorporate handmade projects.

Research different ideas. I'm not advocating "copying", but sometimes you can find ideas from Google image searches or even crafting websites. One example is the baby's mobile. I saw a similar version on-line for $185.00. With a little patience and soliciting the advice of a crafting friend, we were able to make one in the exact fabrics of the room for less than $20.00. I also don't mind saying that I think our version is even cuter!

Here is where we started. This was our spare room. It housed the sewing machine, craft supplies as well as a spot for overnight guests. Specifically, our nephew Tanner referred to this as "his room".

We pulled EVERYTHING out. The bed moved next door as well as the sewing machine and craft table. All the craft supplies in the closet went upstairs to the "man room" (sorry, Bill) and a bunch of things went to charity.

Next came the painting. Bill painted the ceiling a cream color.

Marcie and Anna painted the walls.
Room color - Mythic Paint - Australian Adventure.

Then, the projects slowly started. We purchased the crib and I made the skirting. Marcie and I found a fantastically priced cherry dresser that went through a major transformation.

Old dresser now becomes a sweet dresser/changing table.

Dresser - flea market ($25.00), Mythic Paint - This Little Piggy, Drawer Pulls - Lowe's.
Changing Pad - Bed, Bath and Beyond, Changing Pad Cover in Orange ($14.99)
Shelving - Target, white spice rack shelving ($12.99)
Mirror - Ross scratch-and-dent ($15.00), painted with white spray paint.
Stuffed Owl - Gift (free)
Picture -, Pretty Pink Owls in a Row (about $20.00 with framing)

Chair and ottoman for those late night feedings.

Wall Art - Bed, Bath and Beyond, wall flowers in white, ($19.99)
Chair and Ottoman - Chair: Roadside find (free) / Ottoman: Antique store ($25.00). Slipcover: Annie Selke fabric in Pearls Pink, ($125.00). Handiwork by Jonnita (free).
Wall Art  - Handmade by Grannie, Quilt Piece, (with framing about $12.00)
End Table - antique store ($30.00), Mythic Paint - Olive You
Lamp - Target, Owl Lamp ($39.99), new lampshade, Marshalls ($11.99)
Curtains - Land of Nod, pink multi-ruffle curtains ($39/panel) - fabric on top sewn by friend.
Pillow - Target, Owl Decorative Pillow (gift)


Wall Art - Etsy, Sweet Bird and Branch wall decal, ($39.00)
Wall Art - Target, Oopsy Daisy Too Owl Wall Art  ($19.00)
Lighting - Land of Nod, orange pendant "Hangin' Around Lamp" ($89.00)
Rug - Amazon, T-Shirt Raggy Rug in Pink ($60.00) (price increased significantly since purchase)

Crib - JCPenny, Jenny Lind Crib in White, ($179.99)
Crib Skirt - Handmade by me, Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 - Fresh Poppies Ivory ($20.00)
Wall Art - Amazon, bird monogram removal wall decals (can't find reference) ($20.00)

Under-crib clothing storage.


From this.

To this.
Bookcase - antique store ($30.00), Mythic Paint - Olive You and Australian Adventure.
Wall Art - Handmade by me, Felt/Fabric Mommy, Daddy and Baby Owls (with framing about $20.00)
Fan - Amazon, Minka Aire Retro Fan in Pink  ($60.95).
Rug - Amazon, T-Shirt Shaggy Rug ( $70.00) (price has been increased since!)
Piggy Bank - Amazon, Stitched Piggy Bank in Orange ($12.99)
Clock - Gift from Grandpa Brad and Grandma Deanie, Orange Clock (free).
Picture frames - garage sale (two for a dollar!).
Stuffed animals - Etsy, Nora the Owl ($23.00)

The quilt.
Quilt - Handmade by Gram-E, Amy Butler - Midwest Modern 1 & 2 (gift)
Owl Pillow - Target, Circo Love and Nature Owl Pillow (gift)

Baby D's initials.

Burp Cloths, handmade by me with fabric scraps (free)

The mobile.
Mobile - Handmade by Sara and me, Felt/Fabric (about $5, using fabric scraps).

Baby Sleeping Sign, handmade by friend (free).

There you have it - nursery completed! We'll enjoy these photos as I'm sure once Baby D arrives, it will never again look so put-together. Be sure to let us know what you think. Please leave a comment!


Lauren @ with two cats said...

I love it! Amazing job. So colorful and unique - I can't wait to feature it on my blog :)

Diane said...

E.K.D. You have me wondering about little Baby D's name. Guess I'll have to wait a few more weeks. The nursery looks fabulous!!! Owls were my sorority's mascot in college. So adorable!!!

Wendy Lambert said...

Very sweet Courtney! Love love all the thoughtfilness and tlc that went in to each loving detail. Lucky baby D!

The Osborne Family - Est. 2008 said...

Baby D is going to be so pleased with her sweet little nursery. It looks so beautiful!

Jen said...

SO beautiful!! You are just so creative...I love it. (And you're right: the nursery never looks quite the same once the baby looks BETTER because it's lived in :-)..)

Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly - it won't be long now!!

Susan Dutra said...

You did a marvelous job! What a wonderful welcome for Baby D

Stephanie said...

Amazing!! It looks fantastic, Courtney!! Great job! I am SO excited for you and Bill. That baby girl will be loved well!

Can't wait to hear news!


Courtney said...

Ashley, we lightly sanded the entire dresser, primed and then painted. This one didn't have a heavy varnish, but it did soak up the paint a lot between coats so we had to do several. I'd recommend a tinted primer for you. You can definitely do it - good luck! One more thing, don't make my mistake - get a satin or glossy finish. I accidentally got matte and we had to buy more paint for the top coat!

My Childrens Furniture said...

Wow, what a transformation. Well done to you both and hope everything goes well for you.

Good luck

Karyn at Designer Mum said...

Hi Courtney, love your nursery and would love to feature it on my blog. Just want to make sure that's OK with you. Best wishes for the safe and loving arrival of Baby D!

Courtney said...

Karyn, I would love that! Please do send me a post once it is featured so I can link back to Jahjong. I just left you a message on your site with my contact information. Thanks, again!

Lisa said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Bill gave me your blog address so I could see your nursery. I love it! I picked a similar green color for my baby's room (she's due in December). I hadn't thought about it with pink and orange, but it looks great! I'm inspired.
Hope everything is well with you and your baby! Hi to Bill.
Love your blog,

busycooking said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise said...

OMG What an amazing job!!

shelia said...

this is an incredible nursery! and very similar to what i'm picturing for our little girl, due in february! i'm definitely using this blog entry as inspiration. thank you :)

Colleen said...

I found your post while searching for more room ideas. I just got the Love and Nature bedding set. I love your nursery!

I was looking at etsy and saw this photo posted of your nursery with some photoshopped decals put in. I wanted to let you know about it in case they didn't have your permission.


Tara @ Baby Lifestyles said...

Would love to feature this at Baby Lifestyles. Email me at editor at babylifestyles dot com if we may!


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